Work Experience

Including residential and commercial property transactions; leasing; subdivisions; commercial and company activities; commercial contracts; shareholder agreements; securities; personal property securities; business sales and purchases; franchising; insurance; employment, estate planning; wills, trusts (family, trading and charitable); estates; elder law issues; family protection; relationship property. I was engaged from time to time as lawyer for a party at a mediation hearing.

Mediation Practice History

Having been appointed to the LEADR panel of mediators in 2003 I subsequently and particularly since 2009 have been increasingly active as a mediator mediating disputes covering relationship matters (neighbours and families); New Zealand Law Society disciplinary matters and commercial matters.  In 2010 I was appointed to the panel of mediators of the High Court for its mediation trial in respect of civil matters.  I am on the Family Court panel of mediators for the mediation of care of children disputes and have mediated a number of such disputes. I have now (2014) been accredited by LEADR and AMINZ for family dispute resolution services (FDR). Link to Ministry of Justice website

De Paul House

A “not for profit” entity with  current annual turnover of $650,000 which is devoted to the providing of temporary accommodation for homeless families and the support of disadvantaged families in the community.