“As regards mediator skills and techniques, these are of more significance in the effectiveness of mediation than is often acknowledged. In her report on collateral referrals to mediation Kathy Mack*identified from research on the topic that the following behaviours by ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) practitioners, most of which are relevant to mediators, are effective in producing both settlements and satisfaction for the parties: effectiveness at facilitating communication and listening; being active in structuring the process; focusing on feelings, relationships, concerns, and interests; an emphasis on problem-solving, and creativity at generating options and solutions; and a greater number and variety of interventions. While the practical skills and techniques associated with these behaviours are not dealt with in this text they are clearly important factors in the selection and appointment of mediators.”   

 MEDIATION Principles, Process, Practice 2nd New Zealand edition by Boulle, Goldblatt. Green.

*K Mack Court referral to ADR: Criteria and Research 2003, p 67.