“I am regularly appointed Lawyer for Child in Mediations where Blair O’Brien has been appointed to conduct Family Court Mediations.  Blair provides excellent structure to the process, an emphasis on problem solving and has a way of putting people at ease, which empowers participants to speak freely to achieve a good result.  The coffee is excellent also…”.

Jane Anderson

“Thank you for providing your time, facilities and skill in achieving the mediated outcome for (name of other party withheld for confidentiality reasons) and myself on Friday. I admire the interest you showed in the issues and the opportunities you gave for each of us to express our views to the other. I am impressed by your ability to not impose your judgment in the matter. It helped us to own the result.

On reflection I am particularly grateful for your suggestion at the end that (confidential information withheld from disclosure). I believe that with your skills and the sensitive and caring efforts of (lawyers acting for parties) (the other party) and I were able to prevent past hurts continuing to block a resolution. I was determined to achieve an outcome on Friday. Thank you for the gift of your time, skill and facilities in helping that happen.”

Party to a dispute mediated by Blair O’Brien

“I read somewhere that for a mediator, skills and techniques are of much greater significance than black letter law.

Skills and techniques in facilitation, communication, patient listening, apparently genuine interest in the parties matters, gentle but firm directiveness, and focusing on feelings and emotional issues without judgement make a very good mediator.

Blair O’Brien has all these skills and techniques – I know I have witnessed them first hand.”

Nola Dangen
Barrister and Solicitor